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California is seeing an increase in the demand for best rhinoplasty Los Angeles surgeries, also known as a nose job. As plastic surgery has become more affordable to the everyday man, Los Angeles County has skyrocketed into position of the 18th largest economy in the world, according to Tierra Properties, a real estate practice servicing the county.

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The 472 square miles of the city are home to 3.8 million individuals. Within this population are men and women who wish to make the nose more proportionate to the face, fix misshapen noses due to breaks, and re-contour the nose due to points, thickness and bumps.


best-la-rhinoplastyFacial growth should be complete before a patient undergoes any type of rhinoplasty surgery. Typically, patients will be at least 13 years of age, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Candidates must be physically healthy and non-smokers. Patients should quit smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery.

A nose that is viewed as too thin or too thick can be corrected with a rhinoplasty. If the tip is pointed or upturned, the surgery will round out the nose. Bumps and asymmetry can also be addressed during surgery. For more rhinoplasty frequently asked questions, visit this page.


A nose job is a highly personalized procedure, and rhinoplasty results are largely unique to the patient. The plastic surgeon will discuss surgical techniques and address a patient’s particular risks during consultation. Common risks include rupturing of the small surface vessels of the nose, change or numbness in skin sensations, and unfavorable scarring, according to the ASPS. Although some rhinoplasty surgeries allow for incisions within the nostril, there are times when the procedure will produce a visible scar.

More serious risks include poor wound recovery, which can lead to infection, persistent pain, and altered nasal airway passages. Candidates with a bleeding disorder should discuss the condition with the doctor. Patients should be advised of anesthesia risks prior to surgery.


Most nose jobs will not be covered by medical insurance. If chosen as an elective procedure to correct perceived imperfections, the patient will be paying out of pocket. Most plastic surgeons offer a payment plan to keep rhinoplasty affordable to everyone.

There are times when a doctor will deem surgery medically necessary. Structural damage due to a birth defect or an accident will be corrected during surgery with the hope of allowing the patient to breathe normally, according to Enhance Myself. Patients should consult their insurance company prior to surgery so there are no surprise fees.


The average surgeon’s fee for rhinoplasty surgery is $4,493, according to the 2012 ASPS statistics. This fee does not include anesthesia, hospital or prescription fees. The experience of the plastic surgeon will also play a part in the total LA rhinoplasty cost.

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